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Cheshire Public Schools Facility Master Plan


Cheshire, Connecticut


Cheshire Public Schools

Project Lead

Perkins Eastman Architects


Geospatial Analysis

Kenneth C. Zirkel

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For Cheshire Public Schools' Facility Master Plan, Urbanomics prepared enrollment projections and a build-out analysis for use in determining the geographic distribution of future enrollment needs across the District. The firm prepared enrollment projections for grades pre-k through 12 by school building for the period from 2015 to 2025 based on historic enrollment, census data, births, housing demand and expected new housing starts over the forecast period.

Urbanomics prepared an annual housing demand forecast and new housing starts forecast to determine future year school children generated by housing development activity as informed by localized demographic school child multipliers, a build-out analysis and local zoning. The housing starts forecast was informed by recent building permit data and housing turnover, as well as insight from local officials on expected development trends. The housing demand forecast was modeled from recent demographic and economic trends. Urbanomics staff utilized a parcel level build-out analysis based on municipal zoning regulations and current land use conditions to model the distribution of new housing construction activity through the forecast period.

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