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School Enrollment & Mitigation

Urbanomics has a 30-year history of demographic forecasting, market demand analysis, and real estate analysis.  Our strength is our ability to combine these practice areas to provide student enrollment forecasts that go beyond standard cohort survival and trend forecasting at the institutional level. 

Urbanomics works with an institution’s governing body to identify the most influential characteristics in local student generation, from current residency to demographic trends to real estate development in the pipeline to competition from other schools.  Once the relevant factors have been determined, we use geospatial analysis modeling tools to determine where these future students are likely to live in future years, ultimately creating a locational enrollment forecast.

We have prepared locational enrollment forecasts for public and private institutions for a variety of situations, from the need to redistrict a growing urban school system, to considering the co-ed potential for a parochial school with shrinking enrollment, to determining the best site for a private school’s satellite campus or a new public high school. From enrollment forecasting to facility siting, Urbanomics will make sure that your institution has the best information possible so that you can prepare for the future.

Jersey City Public Schools Demographic Study

Jersey City Public Schools

Port Chester IDA School Multipliers

Village of Port Chester Industrial Development Agency

Avenues: The World School Market Assessment

Avenues: The World School

Cheshire Public Schools Facility Master Plan

Cheshire Public Schools

Gardens At Harriman Station Market Analysis & Impacts Analysis

Gardens at Harriman Station, LLC

Whitby School Enrollment Forecasts

The Whitby School

Imperial Schrade Market Analysis & Fiscal Impacts Analysis

Ellenville Development Partners

Graham Windham School Redevelopment Benefit-Cost Analysis

Gotham Organization

Glen Cove BOA Market Analysis

City of Glen Cove

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