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Forecasting & Modeling

Urbanomics has performed economic and demographic forecasting for major city and state agencies, including the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC). The firm’s latest 40-year NYMTC forecast series was cross-accepted for use in planning by the Region’s major transportation agencies in October 2020. Urbanomics takes an integrated approach, combining forecasts of local industry employment linked to national models, with cohort-based population projections, and a migration component that calibrates labor supply to demand.

The firm is capable of preparing socioeconomic forecasts across a multitude of geographic boundaries from fine-grained neighborhood or school attendance zones to travel time-based commutation zones and multi-city or county market areas. Urbanomics has prepared customized enrollment forecasts for use in long-term school facility planning, potential customer forecasts for key service sectors, as well as household and population forecasts for assessing future household demand by housing developers.

NYMTC Long Term Demographic & Socioeconomic Forecasting, 2000-2035, 2055 Update

New York State Department of Transportation

Plan 2045 & 2050 Financial Element

North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

SUBASE New London Joint Land Use Study Implementation Project

Southeast Council of Governments

Trans Hudson Commute Capacity Study

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

NYC Music Industry Study

New York City Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment

Vision42 Economic Impacts Studies & Financing Plan


Port Chester IDA School Multipliers

Village of Port Chester Industrial Development Agency

Jersey City Public Schools Demographic Study

Jersey City Public Schools

Riverfront47 Market Analysis

Alpha Capital

Avenues: The World School Market Assessment

Avenues: The World School

Cheshire Public Schools Facility Master Plan

Cheshire Public Schools

Whitby School Enrollment Forecasts

The Whitby School

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