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NYC Music Industry Study


New York, New York


New York City Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment

Project Lead

Boston Consulting Group


Economic Impacts

NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

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For the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, Urbanomics, in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, prepared economic research and analysis of New York City's music industry, including a detailed analysis of the size, dynamics, and impacts of the music industry. Urbanomics identified and assessed the size of 80 industry sub-sectors within the music industry.

For purposes of modeling long-term economic impacts, employment, revenue, and establishment data were collected for all related music sub-sector industries over the past 15 years. The multiplier effect of each sub-sector on the music industry as a whole was modeled using the Implan economic impacts model for each of the City's five boroughs. Long-term economic trends for the music industry's most significant sub-sector industries were analyzed against other major centers of the nation's music industry including Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and San Francisco.

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