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Glen Cove BOA Market Analysis


Glen Cove, New York


City of Glen Cove

Project Lead

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis


Brownfield Opportunity Areas
Market Analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis

N&P Engineering, Architecture and Land Surveying, PLLC

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As part of the phase three implementation strategy within the Orchard Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Plan and its associated GEIS, Urbanomics prepared an assessment of potential market demand and cost-benefit analyses of various uses for the redevelopment of strategic sites in the Orchard BOA for the City of Glen Cove, NY. Tasks included a baseline demographic and market trends analysis within local trade areas and the region, an assessment of market demand for retail, commercial and residential uses within the trade areas, and the development of a refined list of potential future land uses for targeted strategic sites. The cost-benefit analyses includes an assessment of new employment opportunities, tax revenues, and economic benefits achieved as a result of redevelopment, an evaluation of impacts of potential development on community facilities, including school district and municipal service costs on a per capita basis, and consideration of the level of remediation necessary and costs of clean up to achieve intended land uses.

Based on the results of the cost-benefit analyses, Urbanomics helped the City of Glen Cove complete the 3 Step BOA Program process, determining the best and highest use of the City's brownfields. The Pall Corporation site has been redeveloped with a self-storage warehouse, the Former Coles School building will be reused for educational purposes, rezoning amendments are planned for the Sea Cliff Avenue corridor to allow retail, a hotel and commercial recreation uses. Zoning amendments were introduced to the Orchard neighborhood to provide incentives for housing development and the zoning code was modified in the TOD Area to allow for mixed-use development with affordable housing.

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