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East Midtown Rezoning EIS


New York, New York


New York City Economic Development Corporation

Project Lead

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin



SL Green

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In 2016, Urbanomics prepared a socioeconomic conditions analysis following CEQR requirements to support the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Greater East Midtown Rezoning that was prepared under VHB's on-call contract with the New York City Economic Development Corporation. The rezoning was approved one year later in August with more intensive development located in close proximity to near subway stations

Urbanomics prepared profiles of population, housing and business activity under existing conditions for each of these areas/subareas and the potential for direct and indirect residential and business displacement. Additionally, Urbanomics analyzed the impacts of a special permit requirement for hotel use on the accommodations industry. Significant impacts of direct and indirect displacement of business and office market saturation as well as effects on specific industries under the future with-action conditions were determined following CEQR guidelines. The indirect business displacement analysis consisted of an economic profile including workforce and employment trends, regulatory protections and identification of potential businesses at risk, characteristics and value of the displaced businesses as well as their locational needs for potential relocation.

The analysis under future no-action conditions took into account likely changes to the study area business climate given trends in population, buying patterns, and regulatory changes. Future with-action condition assessment provided a picture of the expended changes to the economic base given the proposed action. Adverse effects on specific industries were examined in similar fashion for those industries determined to be potentially vulnerable and took account all major employment sectors.

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