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New York Construction Outlook Annual Series 2001-2017


New York, New York


New York Building Congress

Project Lead



Economic Impacts

New York City Economic Development Corporation

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From 2001 to 2017, the New York Building Congress commissioned and published an annual report entitled, Outlook: New York City Construction, prepared by Urbanomics. Based on an extensive review and analysis of building permits, construction starts, projects pending and approved, City and State government capital budgets, the annual report presented an estimate of construction spending for the current and succeeding two years in New York City by sector, including residential, non-residential and infrastructure development. With a remarkable degree of accuracy, the annual series has chronicled New York's construction boom, decline, and recovery as well as forecasted the impact on construction employment.

In addition to this series, Urbanomics has prepared other reports for the New York Building Congress, including an industry profile of the workforce, and Fast Track to Recovery, an investigation of the multiplier effect of construction spending on the local economy, as well as economic impacts of health care and higher education spending. Additionally, Urbanomics prepared a monthly eUpdate of industry issues available on the

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