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New York State Entrepreneurial Assistance Program Evaluation Study


New York


Empire State Development

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Program Evaluation

Empire State Development

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Urbanomics was retained by Empire State Development Corporation to prepare an evaluation of its Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP) during the fall of 2017. Our firm reviewed the EAP program's internal database to analyze historic performance outcomes of clients at the program's 23 EAP centers throughout New York State. EAP Center performance was evaluated in terms of new clients gained, sales and employment growth in the context of per capita, per minority, per women and per veteran measures for the catchment area of each center and ESD region. Client performance, was considered in the context of the local economy relevant to job and sales growth in key industry sectors.

Urbanomics also prepared a multi-lingual client satisfaction survey to evaluate current and past client satisfaction with the program, unmet business development needs and general business concerns of startup companies. The survey served to verify the program's client performance database, collecting additional information on startup business performance, ease of obtaining business loans and other key factors. Case studies, informed by interviews with clients and EAP service providers, were prepared to better understand service needs of clients and service providers in areas not addressed by the survey.

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