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NYSDOT Due Diligence Impact Studies & Project Labor Agreement Services


New York


New York State Department of Transportation

Project Lead

Seeler Engineering



New York State Department of Transportation

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In collaboration with Seeler Engineering on a multi-year contract, Urbanomics has worked to prepare 14 economic studies across six NYSDOT Regions for the NYSDOT to inform decisions on the use of Project Labor Agreements on a project specific basis consistent with the requirements of Section 222 of New York State Labor Law. Urbanomics has assisted Seeler by providing regional evaluations of current and planned capital expenditures against current unemployment rates and demand for construction labor. These assessments have been used in the evaluation of labor availability, unrest and volatility.

To determine economic benefits, economic profiles have been prepared for each DOT project. These profiles have included a full labor profile of the construction industry both at the local and regional level in terms of employment growth trends, unemployment rates specific to the construction industry, union-membership trends, and labor shortages among construction industry sub-sectors. Non-economic benefits were also assessed including local and regional labor unrest/volatility to assess the potential for adverse cost and schedule impacts resulting from strikes, lockouts, or other job actions. Evaluations of capital expenditures have included profiles of economic development initiatives, recent and planned construction activity, business expansions and contractions.

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