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Riverside Revitalization BOA


Southampton, New York


Renaissance Downtowns

Project Lead

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis


Brownfield Opportunity Areas
Market Analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Renaissance Downtowns

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As part of the Riverside Revitalization Action Plan led by Renaissance Downtowns for the Town of Southampton to revitalize the Hamlet of Riverside, Urbanomics prepared market analyses and cost-benefit studies for the 468-acre Riverside Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA), among the most economically distressed communities in Long Island.

Urbanomics' contributions included an overview of national and regional housing, retail and employment market trends as well as economic and fiscal impacts analyses of the proposed action. The proposed action includes the development of some 2,267 housing units and more than 500,000 square feet of non-residential property including retail, office, hotel, community space, and a nursing home. Plans. Since Urbanomics study was completed, plans for revitalization of the BOA continue to move forward with major cleanup activity underway and development approvals in process.

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