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Stamford Master Plan


Stamford, Connecticut


City of Stamford

Project Lead

BFJ Planning




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Urbanomics prepared the Demographics, Housing, and Economic Development chapters of the City of Stamford's 2015-2025 Master Plan as part of a collaborative team with BFJ Planning, Stantec and Perkins Eastman Architects. Seeking to improve on the 2002 Master Plan which laid the foundation for development around the train station and further supported the City as a national model for mixed-use and mixed-income development, the 2015 Plan sought to address the significant level of development activity and demographic changes of the last decade and to expand and refine policies, particularly as applied to the Downtown, the Stamford Transportation Center and adjoining neighborhoods.

For the economics chapter, Urbanomics addressed Stamford's economic growth relative to its peers and the beneficiaries of growth, projected employment by industry over a 15 year-period and evaluated property markets to assist the City with capturing job growth in expanding industries. The Housing chapter considered the impacts of the Great Recession on the local housing market in terms of vacancies, home prices and foreclosures and established goals to preserve neighborhood character, encourage revitalization and maintain affordable housing. The Demographics chapter provided an in-depth analysis of the City's residents for use in informing the Plan's vision, goals and recommendations. This included an evaluation of Stamford's transforming population structure versus that of the broader region, the structure of the City's disadvantaged population and 13 detailed neighborhood socioeconomic profiles.

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